Auf der Grundlage von Daten des Economic Policy Institute findet sich in einem Beitrag zum folgende Übersicht (Stand 4.12.2009):

Number unemployed: 15.4 million (up from 7.5 million in December 2007)
Portion of official unemployed considered structural: 3.9 million
Portion of unemployed who have been jobless more than six months: 38.3%
Total jobs lost during the recession: 8.0 million
Jobs needed to return to pre-recession unemployment rate: 10.9 million
Number of job-seekers per job opening: 6.1
Unemployment rate: 10.0%
Underemployment rate: 17.2%;
Share of workers un- or underemployed: more than 1 in 6 States
States with double-digit unemployment in October, 2009: 15
White unemployment: 9.3%;
African-American unemployment: 15.6%;
Hispanic unemployment:12.7%
Manufacturing jobs lost since the start of the recession: 2.1 million (15.5% of sector’s jobs)
Construction jobs lost in the recession: 1.6 million (20.8%, nearly one in five construction jobs)
Mass layoffs (50 or more people by a single employer) in October 2009: 2,127;
jobs lost:217,182
Under- and unemployed, marginally attached and involuntary part-time workers: 26.9 million

Americans with no health insurance in 2008: 46.3 million
Annual Social Security benefit for average retiree: $13,922;
Share of older Americans receiving all their income from Social Security: more than 1 out of 4
Number of children in poverty in 2008: 14.1 million (over one-third)
Drop in real median income from 2007 to 2008: 3.6% (largest one-year drop since 1967)
Growth rate of nominal, hourly wages of production workers over the last three months:1.7%
Additional people covered by Medicaid/SCHIP in 2008: 3 million.

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